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Our goal is to encourage ongoing productive communication between client and designer. We are responsible for educating our clients in web design and developing a site that best represents their individuality. Your site is a personal statement about you as an individual and/or business person. Your site should make visitors feel comfortable while giving them the confidence and desire to start a business relationship with you.

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PNW Web Design has been developing web sites and business strategies since 1994. We were at the forefront in the web development industry and offer both extensive experience, a track record and superior customer service. We take pride in our consultation services to decide what is required to place your company on the web with positive results.

Professional web site development requires a lot more than a flashy design. It requires experience and knowledge of current design principles that provides quality results on all levels. Design alone is not enough, we also understand the unique marketing strategies in developing a successful site. It's constant learning to keep up with the latest in business trends, years of trial and error to learn the proven presentation of effective marketing technology on the Internet. We strive to offer new and effective web development technology that'll help your company deliver to more potential customers.

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full internet services and work together with you to develop marketing and business strategies that will enable you to maximize your potential success. Our goal is to educate our clients as we develop your site. We work closely with our clients and spending the extra time to educate you without talking over your head, and not using a bunch of technical terms that you may find confusing. Featured site for 2010 ...

Featured site for 2010 ...

See below our featured site for a visual comparison of turning an outdated design into a modern and professional experience for your visitors!

View featured 2010 site redesign and development:

Original Website

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Billy Bones is a wonderful entertainer and musician, who was trying to promote his business with a site that inadequately represented his level of professionalism by using outdated designs and graphics. It was a very long and narrow site that had everything centered to the middle. Nothing stood out execept for the oversized photos - not his important information. The page required a great deal of scrolling down to see the entire page. Having such large photos and all that scrolling is a time consuming venture for a visitor of that page.

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Redesigned Home Page

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AT A GLANCE you can easily find all important information. The number "1" purpose for having a business web site is to make money! You do not want your visitor to have to work to figure out what your product or the service you provide. We organized the home page with a clear navigation system to easily find what most intersts your need for information. smaller graphics, an interactive menu system and links to follow him on twitter and Facebook. We also added links to purchase his new single "Freedom". AT A GLANCE You can easily find the links to his audio and video pages.

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Media Page

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We used a Flash program to play samples of his music so people are unable to steal the music off his site. It's a complete program that allows you, the viewer, to choose from several different songs and have complete control over the sound level, pause, etc.

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Client Controlled Calendar

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The calendar we added is a database driven event calendar that has an administrative panel that allows the site owner complete control of imputting new events, adjusting colors and adding live links to various locations. These changes appear imediately on the site once the information is saved through the administrative panel.

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Contact Form

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Using a contact form helps reduce the spam email. The form includes a captcha. which are the numbers/letters you must type in to send the email. It's very easy to read and can only be filled out by a human. This is a safety feature. Without the captcha people use spam programs that use the email address from your site to send you spam.

The redesign of Billy bones web site

Having a professionally designed site gives you more creditability with your visitors. This is extremely important for a business site. People see your web site as a representation of your qualifications and level of professionalism. When a site is poorly done many people will leave your site without reading your information or viewing your product. Fair or not, your level of legitimacy is judged within the first 10 to 20 seconds once they reach your site. If the site appears to be unprofessional more people will leave the site than stay. This defeats the purpose of having a site.